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College of Business Administration

Global Learning Initiative

Long Term Study Abroad Program 


As a part of a campus wide commitment to the Global Learning Initiative (GLI), Winthrop University and The College of Business Administration strongly encourage students to participate in long term (one semester or one year) study abroad during their undergraduate careers. Study abroad is excellent preparation for work and citizenship in a diverse society and a globalized world.

With advance planning, a semester or year abroad can be included in a four-year degree program, allowing you to experience life in another country and graduate on time. Winthrop University students can participate in a variety of study abroad programs and transfer credit back to Winthrop.:

Deakin University and Kingston University are good choices for many Business students. Deakin University is located in Melbourne, Australia. Kingston University is located in London, England. Students who study at Deakin or Kingston pay regular Winthrop tuition, which covers the cost of tuition abroad. For information about other costs please see the Program Fact Sheets, which are available at Winthrop's Study Abroad Portal.

Business students are not limited to Deakin and Kingston universities. If you are a current Winthrop Business student and want to study at a different university, contact the Student Services office in the College of Business Administration for assistance. You should also contact Student Services if you want to study abroad and cannot go at the recommended time, or if study plans for your option or degree program are not listed above.

If you have financial aid, you can use your scholarships, grants, and/or loans toward the cost of study abroad. Winthrop's Financial Aid office can advise you about how to make the best use of your financial aid. You can find out about additional financial aid for study abroad at Pay careful attention to the requirements for each scholarship. Winthrop's Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (ONCA) helps students prepare applications for some scholarships.

For more information or to begin planning your study abroad experience please contact your advisor or schedule an appointment with a representative in Student Services. Information can also be found at the International Center for Winthrop University.   

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