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Outstanding Faculty Recognized at CBA annual Honors Ceremony

Several faculty members were recognized for their outstanding performance in the College of Business Administration at the Annual Honors Awards Ceremony held on May 5, 2012.  The Wells Fargo Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to Robert Stonebraker for his outstanding performance in the class room and for his attention and care for his students.  Melissa Carsten was awarded the Springs Industries Research award for her work and progress in research areas and publications this year.  Ms. Peggy Hager was awarded the Excellence in Service Award for her many efforts outside of the CBA as well as her coordinated efforts inside the CBA to work towards our philanthropic goals serving our community.  Her service not only spanned that of the outside community but was also recognized for her service to her students and to the MBA program as well as the CBA as a whole. Congratulations to all of these well deserving outstanding faculty members.  

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