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College of Business Administration

Personnel Policies and Procedures

The Pre June 2014 Edition (pdf - 768KB) applies to all faculty hired before June 2014 and is applicable for personnel and evaluation considerations (pre tenure, tenure, promotion, and post tenure decisions) before Academic Year 2018-2019.

The Post June 2014 Edition (pdf - 802KB) applies to all evaluations and personnel decisions for faculty hired June 2014 or later. This edition will also apply to all personnel decisions beginning in Academic Year 2018-2019.

For any faculty member uncertain as to their situation due to changes in appointment type or tenure track status, etc. it is their responsibility to seek clarification and have a joint statement of resolution signed by the dean and department chair inserted into their personnel file.

Peer Review Forms Referenced in the Personnel Policies and Procedures Guidelines

Peer Review Form - Form A (pdf - 69KB)
Peer Review Feedback Form - Form B (pdf - 78KB)
Peer Review Data Collection Instrument - Form C (pdf - 137KB)

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