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Doing an Internship for Academic Credit

In almost all cases students can receive academic credit for working in an internship.  Class credit can be obtained for both paid and non paid internships as well as for local and international internship experiences.  All internship classes are worth three credit hours and in many cases count in a major.  We also have elective credit opportunities for students whose major or catalog year do not have a place for a major specific internship class.  There is a process to enroll in an internship class and this page will walk you thorough that process.  International students interested in an internship must be enrolled in class but should also check with the international office about other parameters surrounding internship for international students. 

Attention Health Care Management Students:

The information on this page is not intended for students in the Health Care Management option. Because that option requires an internship, the process is handled differently. Health Care Management majors should contact Dr. Keith Benson (Thurmond 504, ext. 4834) or Dr. Mike Matthews (Thurmond 516, ext. 2463) to discuss how their internship process works.

Find an Internship

Begin looking for an internship several months before you hope to begin. Many of our faculty member are great resources for helping students find internships.  Be sure that you build a relationship with a faculty member or two in your area of study and begin talking with them about internship contacts.  They can also send out a resume for you on your behalf.  The Director of External Relations is the main contact in the College of Business Administration for internships.  Talk with the appropriate faculty member listed below, based on your major, to let them know you are interested in finding an internship and provide the faculty member with a copy of your resume. You should also look for internship postings on the CBA Internship ListingsEAGLElink and visit Career and Civic Engagement to get assistance.

Understand How it Works and What is Required

Read the Internship Fact Sheet to get the basic information and review all information in the table below.

Confirm Your Eligibility

College of Business juniors, seniors, and MBA students are eligible to participate in an internship if they meet specified criteria based on the student's degree program. The table below outlines the internship requirements, handbooks, and contact information. These College of Business internships will award 3 hours of academic credit toward your major. Contact the Director of External Relations to confirm your eligibility.  The office of external relations will help you fill out all of the appropriate forms, and review your catalog for the appropriate class to place you in, confirm your GPA requirement and will be sure that you have met all class pre-requisites.  They will also assist you in getting registered for class.

Along with the elective credit class offered by the CBA there is also elective credit classes offered  through Winthrop's Center for Career and Civic Engagement office. These internships count as an elective course, and can be taken for 1, 2, or 3 credit hours, depending upon the number of hours worked.  Most often this opportunity is best taken advantage of by someone who does not meet the CBA requirements or is not able to work the 150 or 200 hours required by most CBA internship classes.  Email the CCE internship consultant to get more information.

Get Approval

Before you can be enrolled in the internship class, you will need to have completed and submitted the INTERNSHIP AGREEMENT and a full job description to the Director of External Relations.  Once all of those pieces are in place the Director of External relations will then submit your package of information to the appropriate instructor, department faculty member, or department chair for approval.  All job descriptions must be of a nature that satisfies learning objectives associated with each major and the content of each job description must reflect that you will be performing duties conducive to a valuable learning experience that complements and benefits your major.  After all requirements have been met and the internship has been approved by the appropriate members in the College of Business Administration the Director of External Relations will then help you get registered for the appropriate internship class.  

Begin the Class

Unlike other classes, the internship class does not meet every week.  Once the class begins it is YOUR responsibility to follow the syllabus and turn all time sheets and other assignments in on time. Be sure to contact your instructor if you have any questions or need some guidance.

Internship Requirements and Information 
Degree Program Internship Course Instructor Minimum GPA Prerequisites Links
Accounting Prof. Charles Alvis 2.75 see catalog Syllabus & Handbook
Economics & Finance Prof. Charles Alvis 2.5 see catalog Syllabus & Handbook
Computer Science,
Computer Information Systems
Dr. Stephen Dannelly 2.5 see catalog Handbook
Management, Marketing,
International Business,
General Business
Dr. Keith Robbins 2.5 see catalog Handbook
MBA Dr. Keith Robbins 3.0 Permission of instructor Handbook


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