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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are common questions asked of the Cashiers Office. If you don't see your particular concern listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Questions and Answers 
FAQ question How do I pay my fees?
FAQ Answer For information on online payments look at Payment Options or go to Paying Online.

At these sites, you may pay by electronic check or American Express, MasterCard, Discover, or Visa credit cards. Please be advised that credit card transactions will be assessed a 2.75% ($3.00 minimum) transaction fee.

The Cashier's Office cannot accept credit card payments at the teller windows, by mail or by telephone.

Payments by check or money order may be mailed to:

Winthrop University
Cashiers Office
22 Tillman Hall
Rock Hill, SC 29733-0001

Payments by check, money order or cash may be made in person at the teller windows in the Cashiers Office.

FAQ question When will I receive my Fall 2017 e-bill?
FAQ Answer If you register for classes by July 11th, you should receive an e-bill by July 12th in your Winthrop email. Fees are due by 2:00 p.m. on August 10th, 2017 (or August 25, 2017, for students who register after August 10th). The bills are no longer mailed to your permanent address and will be emailed only to the student via their official Winthrop University email account. The e-bill is in .pdf format and can be forwarded to a parent or third party as well as printed out.

NOTE: Adobe provides free software that allows users to view PDF files. To open such files, please download Adobe Reader.

Students that register after July 11th can view their account balance in WINGSPAN under "Account Summary and Payments."
FAQ question If I was expecting to receive an e-bill but did not, what should I do?
FAQ Answer

Your account information is available to you 24 hours a day on Wingspan. If you still have questions about your account, call Student Financial Services at 803/323-2165. We will be glad to discuss your account with you.

FAQ question What will happen if I do not pay by the payment schedule?
FAQ Answer

Your class schedule will be dropped. You will then have to re-register and pay your fees.However, Winthrop cannot guarantee that you will be able to re-register for the same courses you were originally enrolled in.

FAQ question I don't owe any money, what should I do?
FAQ Answer If your financial aid is equal or greater than the charges on your account, you have accepted the aid in WINGSPAN, and you are fully registered for all of your classes, your Spring 2017 classes will be protected automatically.  Students are encouraged to review the requirements for payment and make sure they have satisfactory payment arrangements in place, and also check the protection status online in WINGSPAN under the Student tab. Click Registration and then click Schedule Protection Status.  Students who feel that they have satisfied the payment requirements but are still not protected will need to contact Student Financial Services at (803) 323-2165 or
FAQ question When do I make my first payment under the Winthrop Payment Plan if I enroll online?  
FAQ Answer

Winthrop offers 2 payments plans to choose from for the Fall and Spring terms. Both a 5-payment plan and a 4-payment plan are available as soon as your e-bill is sent.
Your first payment on the 5-payment plan is due on July 20th. Your first payment on the 4-payment plan is due by the fee payment deadline of 2:00pm, Thursday, August 10th, and must be received in the Cashiers Office before your classes  can be protected. Once your payment is received, your schedule will be protected automatically.  You can check your schedule protection status online in Wingspan under the Student Tab. Click Registration and the click Schedule Protection Status.  You may also make your payment online, however, please allow at least 30 minutes for your schedule to be protected.

FAQ question When will I get my refund?
FAQ Answer Refund processing for Fall term will begin on Tuesday, August 15, 2017. Refunds take 2-3 business days to process. Direct deposits should be received by the student's bank account within the 2-3 day window. Refunds will be deposited directly into the student's bank account if they have signed up for direct deposit through Wingspan. If the student did not sign up for direct deposit, checks will be mailed directly to the student's permanent address. Checks should be received within 7-10 business days. 

REMINDER: Financial aid eligibility changes when enrollment status changes. Your original award was determined using the enrollment status (full time, three quarter, etc.) you reported on your FAFSA. If your enrollment status at Winthrop drops below the anticipated status you provided on the FAFSA during the period of time allotted for course changes, your aid may be reduced. Should this occur, you will be responsible for repaying a portion of your refund to Winthrop, if applicable. Students must also have all of their financial aid requirements satisfied prior to their aid disbursing.

FAQ question Why haven't I received my refund?
FAQ Answer Many things can delay the processing of student refunds. The follow are the most common reasons:
  • Title IV Authorization was declined
  • Financial Aid funds have not been disbursed
  • Student does not have an active permanent address in WINGSPAN
  • Frequent schedule changes
  • Incorrect Direct Deposit information
  • Outdated or incorrect address in WINGSPAN
  • Recently made a payment with a paper or electronic check
  • Financial Aid requirements are incomplete

If none of these delays apply to you and your financial aid was disbursed more than 5 business days prior, please email to inquire.

FAQ question Will my refund be processed on August 15th if I am a student athlete?
FAQ Answer

To ensure compliance with NCAA regulations, all refund checks for athletes must be approved by the Athletic Department. This may result in a delay of 5-7 days before your refund is available.

FAQ question How is my tuition payment spent?
FAQ Answer

Your in-state academic fees of $7,435 for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 is broken down as follows:

Academic Fee Breakdown*


Fee for Capital Debt Payments


Student Activity Fee


Educational and General


*In addition to the Academic Fees, a Health and Counseling Fee of $175 will be assessed to undergraduate students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours and graduate students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours and a Library Fee of $65 will be assessed to all sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students.



Cashiers Office
22 Tillman Hall
Rock Hill, SC 29733
803/323-2286 (Fax)
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