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Women's Studies

Faculty Members

Program Director

Dr. Jennifer Leigh Disney - Professor of Political Science

Advisory Committee Members

Dr. Catherine Chang, Assistant Professor of History
Dr. Janice Chism, Professor of Biology and Anthropology
Dr. Laura Dougherty, Assistant Professor of Theatre
Dr. Laura Dufresne, Professor of Fine Arts
Dr. Laura Gardner, Associate Professor Fine Arts
Dr. Amy Gerald, Associate Professor of English
Dr. Shelley Hamill, Professor of Health Education
Dr. Karen Kedrowski, Professor of Political Science
Dr. Michael Lipscomb, Associate Professor of Political Science
Dr. Jane Smith, Professor of English
Dr. Jennifer Solomon, Professor of Sociology
Dr. Karen Stock, Associate Professor Fine Arts
Dr. Brad Tripp, Associate Professor of Sociology
Dr. Lois Veronen, Department of Psychology

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Women's & Gender Studies
107 Bancroft Hall
Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA
803/323-3012 (fax)
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