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Department of Social Work

Department of Social Work

Master of Social Work

Advanced Standing Program

Schedule of Courses

The Advanced Standing MSW Program requires 39 credits over one full calendar year of study. The required courses include the following:


SCWK 615 Empowerment Practice Concepts (3 credits)

SCWK 606 Social Work Foundation Review (3 credits)

SCWK 614 Social Welfare Policy II (3 credits)

Year Two- Fall Semester

SCWK 620 Advanced Practice: Micro Systems (3 credits)

SCWK 623 Psychopathology & Empowerment Practice (3 credits)

SCWK 631 Advanced Practice: Macro Systems (3 credits)

SCWK 622 Field Instruction II (6 credits)

Year Two-Spring Semester

SCWK 621 Leadership & Empowerment Practice (3 credits)

SCWK 633 Advanced Social Work Research (3 credits)

SCWK 640 Advanced Practice: Capstone (3 credits)

SCWK 632 Field Instruction III (6 credits)


Additional Optional Electives:

SCWK 624: Psychodiagnostics & Social Work Practice (3 credits)

SCWK 550 A, B,C: Special Topics in Social Work (1-3 credits)

Child Welfare Scholars Program Courses:

SCWK 523 Families & Children: Policy & Services (3 credits)

SCWK 533 Families & Children: Practice & Trends (3 credits) 

Course Descriptions

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