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Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
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Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Course Descriptions

The philosophy and religious studies major is a quality program offering humanities depth and the key intellectual skills employers are looking for in today’s nimble workforce: effective spoken & written communication, and critical thinking & analytical reasoning skills.

Our major is also one of the most flexible majors at Winthrop. Requiring only 30 hours, the major requirements in PHIL-RELG can easily be completed in two academic years, and the major combines readily with other programs of study to create an ideal double-major program. (Please note that BA double-majors are not required to have a minor.)

The PHIL-RELG majors is comprised of four required courses (12 hours) and six elective courses (18 hours) selected by the student from a variety of offerings.* With three areas of concentration – or tracks – to choose from, it’s easy to develop a program of study that fits a wide array of interests. Focus on philosophy, religious studies, or mix and match the two with our combined track.

If a 30-hour major doesn’t work well with your other studies, we also offer three 18 semester hour minors* – available in philosophy, religious studies, or both combined.

Students are encouraged to study abroad during their PHIL-RELG major. We sometimes offer some short-term study abroad courses in the department, and have also indentified study abroad sites offering courses that count towards your PHIL-RELG major. No matter what study abroad program-site you choose, our departmental faculty are open to accepting credit towards our programs for study abroad courses as long as they relate to philosophy and/or religious studies.

* See your current Winthrop catalog for complete details.

Philosophy course descriptions

Religion course descriptions