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Department of Human Nutrition
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Department of Human Nutrition

Dietetic Internship

Early Acceptance Option Application Checklist

Application materials for early acceptance may be submitted in the fall; contact the internship director, Mrs. Nielsen, for application details in the Department of Human Nutrition, 302 Dalton Hall. For more information about this option please visit the early acceptance/preselect option page.

**Updated application requirements will be posted on this website in August 2014.

The completed application packet for the early acceptance/pre-select option must include:

ication Checklist  



Justification with specified information Provide a typed, concise justification requesting consideration for early acceptance based on a list of the specific volunteer or work activities which have contributed to your readiness as a self-directed learner, along with a list of your minimum 40 hours of dietetic-related experience (work or volunteer experience for which you did not receive academic credit).  See more details on the Early Acceptance Option page.
Completed Department of Human Nutrition application form

Schedule an appointment with the Internship Director early in the academic year to obtain the Early Acceptance/Preselect application form.

DPD Verification Statement from Winthrop University Official form with DPD director’s signature in blue ink; intent to complete acceptable.  Contact the DPD director at Winthrop, Christine Goodner ( during fall or spring semesters. DPD coursework must be completed by May graduation prior to the internship starting date in the fall.  Note that no more than 15 hours of DPD credit is to remain in the spring semester prior to the start of the internship in August.
Official transcripts Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended in sealed envelopes and placed in the application packet.
3 References Applicants must request that referees provide the reference in a signature-sealed envelope so it can be submitted with the application packet.  Note that full-time faculty in the Dept. of Human Nutrition do not serve as references for the WU internship.  See more details on the Early Acceptance Option page.
GRE scores and Grade Point Average (GPA) Combined minimum GRE score of 293 (old GRE scoring: 940). Documentation by either of the following are acceptable: a copy in current WU graduate file or a photocopy of original scores included with the application packet.  Minimum GPA of 3.2 in DPD coursework required.
Application to the Winthrop University Graduate School and Early Acceptance Option Internship director will verify acceptance through the WU Graduate Program office. Include with your application the date you applied to the WU Graduate School or Certificate Program. Application to the WU Graduate School should be submitted by October 15.  Note that the minimum GRE for the Internship is higher than for the WU Graduate School.  Acceptance to the Graduate School does not provide automatic acceptance to the Dietetic Internship: the Internship is a separate application process and is contingent on acceptance to the WU Graduate School.  Application deadline for Early Acceptance is the second Monday in November.

More information is available on the Early Acceptance Option page on this website.