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Master of Liberal Arts
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Director's Message

The Master of Liberal Arts is one of Winthrop’s most innovative graduate programs. The degree offers learners of all ages the chance to explore and address the foundational questions of human thought, inquiry, and knowledge from a variety of perspectives. Taking as its theme “The search for order,” the Master of Liberal Arts program builds on its core courses—which explore rational, empirical, and intuitive ways of knowing—with a broad selection of innovative and challenging elective course offerings.

Our students are a diverse mixture of working adults, retirees seeking to re-kindle the joys of academic learning, and recent college graduates who are seeking to enhance key reading, writing, and communicative skills. They join together in small, supportive seminar classes and engage in deep and extended conversations about intriguing and thought-provoking authors, artists, innovators, and thinkers. 
For the intellectually curious, the possibilities abound. If this sounds like the type of exploration you have been seeking, I invite you to look through this web site and learn more about the program, its students, and faculty. I also encourage you to contact me by phone at 803-323-4572 or via e-mail at

Tim Boylan
Master of Liberal Arts Program Director

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