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Medieval Studies

Course Syllabi

MDST 300, Introduction to Medieval Studies, is a broad-based survey course that introduces students to the major intellectual, social, and historical concepts of the Western Middle Ages. Its focus combines an emphasis on broad overviews with microhistories of topics such as the life of an individual medieval woman, the cross-cultural impact of the Black Plague, or the creation of a particular medieval manuscript. The course changes each year depending on the interests of that year's students; you can consult the current syllabus and other course materials by going to the course web page.

MDST 305, Research in Medieval Studies, is a contractcourse for students who have completed MDST 300. Students create a research question they want to explore further, find a professor who will direct their research, and earn course credit by pursuing their particular interests in medieval studies. An individual learning contract, with assignments, student learning outcomes, and goals, is developed for each individual student; therefore, there is no "standard syllabus" for this course.

MDST 203, Studies in the Middle Ages, is a contract course for students who are pursuing experiences other than a traditional 3-hour course,  such as a short intensive tour of medieval sites, summer program, independent study, or longer immersion program in a specific medieval studies area. This course requires supervision by the Director of the MDST program to approve program, number of credit hours, learning outcomes, and to evaluate student work; again, since these are individually-designed experiences, there is no "standard syllabus" for this course.

MDST 510, Topics in Medieval Studies, varies with each offering. In Summer 2014, it will be Medieval Literature and Film, offered in "C" Term, and cross-listed with ENGL 510. The instructor will be Dr. Koster. The syllabus will be posted once it is completed.

Medieval Studies
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