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Mathematics Placement Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ question How do I access the exam?  

FAQ answer  First, you need to apply for a code using our Registration Form. Once you have
       received your code, you will need to follow the Exam Instructions to take the exam.

FAQ question I have registered for a code. Why haven't I received it yet?  

FAQ answer  Codes will be sent out on Wednesdays.

FAQ question My MyMathTest account has expired. What can I do?  

FAQ answer  Students are only eligible to receive one individual access code from the Department 
       of Mathematics. If the MyMathTest account that you created with your individual
       access code has expired, you will need to purchase a new code directly from Pearson
       in order to get back in to test/review/retest.

       To purchase a new code: go to, click the "Student" button, click
       "Register Now," and enter the requested information to complete your purchase.
       Once you have logged in to MyMathTest with your newly activated account, proceed
       from step 5 of the instructions on the instructions page to enter the program id and
       take the exam.

FAQ question Who takes the placement test?

FAQ answer  Students in the following majors need to complete the Mathematics Placement Exam
       before coming to Winthrop for Summer Orientation. Not all students need to take the
       placement test. If you do not see your intended major in the list below, you do not 
       need to take the MPE.

    • Biology (all concentrations)
    • Business (all programs)
    • Chemistry (all concentrations)
    • Computer Science
    • Digital Information Design
    • Economics
    • Environmental Studies/Sciences
    • Exercise Science
    • Integrated Marketing Communication
    • Mathematics (all programs)
    • Middle Level Mathematics track
    • Pre-engineering

      Undeclared students (those who are undecided) considering one of the majors listed
      above may take the MPE. Undeclared students may also wait until deciding on a major
      to take the MPE.

FAQ question When should the placement test be taken?  

FAQ answer MyMathTest student accounts expire after 16 weeks. Students must take the exam,
      and review and retest within the 16 week period that his or her account is active. 
      Students will not be eligible to receive a new individual access code from Winthrop. 
      Therefore it is imperative that you begin reviewing immediately if you do not reach
      the level needed.

      Students can complete the exam at any time during the 16 weeks their accounts 
      are active. Exam results will only be reviewed and placement levels sent on Thursdays.

FAQ question How will I know my placement level?  

FAQ answer You will receive an email from stating your placement level. At orientation, advisors in your major will direct you to enroll in the appropriate course based on your math placement level.

FAQ question What are the placement levels?  

FAQ answer  none - Student needs to review and retest in order to place into a calculus track course.
        1 - Student can enroll in MATH 151
        2 - Student can enroll in MATH 101 or MATH 151
        3 - Student can enroll in MATH 201 + MATH 104 as a co-requisite, MATH 105,
              MATH 101 or MATH 151
        4 - Student can enroll in MATH 201, MATH 105, MATH 101 or MATH 151

FAQ question How well do I need to do on the exam to place into a class?  

FAQ answer The content on the Math Placement Exam is prerequisite material for a precalculus
      course. Students need to answer at least 75% of the questions correctly in order to
      be eligible to enroll in a precalculus course.

      Similarly, the Math Placement Exam - For Placement Into Calculus is made up of
      precalculus and trigonometry questions.So students need to answer at least 75%
      of the precalculus questions correctly toplace into a calculus course, and students
      must answer at least 75% of the trigonometry questions correctly in order to avoid
      having to take a trigonometry course.

      Please note: students are able to view the percentage of questions answered
      correctly on the practice tests. The actual exams, however, are individually
      reviewed. So students will not see a numeric score on those exams. Students
      will instead receive an email containing their math placement level on the exam
      review dates listed above.

FAQ question Is there an advantage to testing early?

FAQ answer Yes. The Department of Mathematics may recommend that completing the study plan
      and practice tests that are built into the computer assessment can prepare you to retest
      to attempt to place into a higher level course.

FAQ question If I do not place into the course required by my major, what can I do?  

FAQ answer The first step is to take the MPE and have your exam evaluated. If you do not place
       into the course you need, you can work through your personalized study plan and 
       take the practice exams in order to prepare to take the exam for a second time. Note 
       the MyMathTest account you create is valid for 16-weeks from the time that it is first
       created and students will not be eligible to receive a new individual access code from 
       Winthrop. Therefore it is imperative that you begin reviewing immediately if you do
       not reach the level needed
. The review and retesting page has more information on
       preparing to retake the exam.

FAQ question Where do I go to take the MPE?  

FAQ answer The MPE can be taken online from any computer with an internet connection. Using 
       a computer with a high speed connection is encouraged.

FAQ question What should I do to prepare?

FAQ answer The MPE is made up of questions that cover pre-algebra, algebra, college algebra,
       and trigonometry topics. Please visit the review and retesting page to read more 
       about how to use the online materials available in MyMathTest to prepare for the exam.

FAQ question How long will it take to complete the MPE?

FAQ answer The Math Placement Exam is made up of thirty questions that cover pre-algebra and
       algebra topics. Typically this test takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete. The exam
       needs to be completed in a single sitting. So please make sure you have a few hours
       of time available before beginning the exam. 

       If a student does well on the Math Placement Exam, the student can then take the
       Math Placement Exam - For Placement Into Calculus. This exam is also made up
       of thirty questions, and these thirty questions cover college algebra and trigonometry
       topics. This test typically takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete and needs to be 
       completed in a single sitting.

       Students who do well on the Math Placement Exam can move directly to the 
       Math Placement Exam - For Placement Into Calculus in order to complete both 
       tests in a single sitting, but that is not required. Students who are eligible to take the
       Math Placement Exam - For Placement Into Calculus can do so at any time during
       the 16 weeks their MyMathTest accounts are active.   

FAQ question Can I use a calculator to complete the MPE?  

FAQ answer Yes, we recommend that you use a scientific calculator.

FAQ question If I have transfer credit, do I need to take the exam?

FAQ answer If you will receive transfer credit for College Algebra (MATH 151), PreCalculus (MATH
      101), Trigonometry (MATH 104), or Calculus (MATH 105 or MATH 201), you will most
      likely not need to take the placement test. If you are unsure, you can email with the coursework you have and your intended major,
      and the Department of Mathematics will advise you on whether to complete the
      placement test.

FAQ question Why are there two tests? Do I take both tests?  

FAQ answer In MyMathTest you will see both the Math Placement Exam as well as the Math
       Placement Exam - For Placement Into Calculus
 at the top of your list of available
       tests. Every student in a major that requires the MPE must take the Math Placement
 in order to place at or above the college algebra or precalculus level. Students
       who do well enough on the Math Placement Exam to place at the precalculus level
       (students who place into MATH 151 or MATH 101) can attempt to place directly into
       a calculus course by completing the Math Placement Exam - For Placement Into

FAQ question What should I do if something happens to my computer while I'm taking the
      exam and I'm unable to finish it?

FAQ answer Send an email with a detailed description of the problem to  You will receive an email response within 48 hours.

FAQ question What is my program id?  

FAQ answer The program id can be copied and pasted from step 5 of the instructions on the
       MPE Instructions Page.

FAQ question I heard that in the summer the MPE is not required to enroll in MATH classes.
      Is this true?

FAQ answer The structure of summer sessions is different than regular terms. Therefore the
       department does not require the MPE for MATH 151 registration during summer
       sessions. Note: MATH 105 and MATH 201 will continue to either require a MPE
       score or successful completion of prerequisites with a grade of C or better.

FAQ question I don't see my question here. Who can help me?  

FAQ answer Email, or call Ms. Becky Crowley at 803-323-2175.



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