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Department of Mass Communication

Department of Mass Communication

Course Syllabi

* All syllabi will be available soon.

Fall 2011 Courses

Digital Information Design

DIFD 211 Communication Theory and the Internet - Frederick, Nathaniel

Integrated Marketing Communication

MCOM 370 Public Relations Principles - Stuart, Bonnye E.
MCOM 471 Public Relations Writing and Production - Sarow, Marilyn S.
MCOM 341 Advertising Principles - Sarow, Marilyn S.
MCOM 349 Advertising Copy and Layout (3:2:2). - Patwardhan, Padmini H.
IMCO 475 Senior Seminar in Integrated Marketing Communication - Patwardhan, Padmini H.

Mass Communication

MCOM 241 Media Writing - Timbs, Lawrence C.
MCOM 333 News Editing - Timbs, Lawrence C.
MCOM 241 Media Writing - Timbs, Lawrence C.
MCOM 310 Mass Media Law - Frederick, Nathaniel
MCOM 205 Introduction to Mass Communication - Frederick, Nathaniel
MCOM 101 Mass Media and the Information Age - Frederick, Nathaniel
MCOM 447 Broadcast Programming, Sales and Promotion - Howell, David H.
MCOM 425 Advanced Broadcast Journalism - Howell, David H.
MCOM 350 History of American Mass Media - Howell, David H.
MCOM 325 Broadcast Journalism - Howell, David H.
MCOM 241 Media Writing - Reel, Guy S.
MCOM 342 News Reporting - Reel, Guy S.
MCOM 441 Reporting Public Affairs - Reel, Guy S.
MCOM 412 Ethics and Issues in Mass Communication - Click, John W.
MCOM 346 Principles of Television Production - Nortz, Mark S.
MCOM 446 Advanced Television Production - Nortz, Mark S.
MCOM 499 Senior Portfolio - Nortz, Mark S.
MCOM 205 Introduction to Mass Communication - Nortz, Mark S.
MCOM 302 International Communication - Stuart, Bonnye E.
MCOM 495 Special Topics: Sports Events that Changed Culture - Morgan, Justin C."Bud"

Other Courses Taught by Mass Communication Faculty

SPCH 201 Public Speaking - Stuart, Bonnye E.
SPCH 201 Public Speaking - Stuart, Bonnye E.  


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