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Department of Mass Communication

Department of Mass Communication

Faculty Research

Our faculty has a wide array of interests and engages in significant research and creative activities including documentaries, books, research grants, publication in leading academic journals, and conference presentations around the world.

Here is a small sample of recent faculty work:

  • Nathaniel Frederick co-presented a panel at the 9th International Conference of the Collegium for African American Research (CAAR) in Paris titled “Desiring Black Gospel: The Circulation, Translations, and Reception of African American Gospel Traditions. He discussed the debate in the black press over “swinging spirituals”—swing bands in the 1940s and 1950s that included sacred black spirituals in their nightclub repertoire.
  • Mark Nortz created a documentary (with Albert Bolognese, sports management) “Duncan Park Stadium: 85 Years of Baseball Memories" for ETV South Carolina
  • Mark Nortz and Haney Howell created a documentary “Losing Their Voices: A look at Small Town Radio” for ETV South Carolina.
  • Padmini Patwardhan published three research articles in 2011 in leading academic journals. These included two empirical international advertising studies on account planning in India and a scale development study to measure media satisfaction. She has a forthcoming book chapter in the Handbook of International Advertising Research. As Winthrop’s 2011 Thompson Scholar, she is also working on a research project to internationalize department programs. 
  • Guy Reel has a book chapter titled "Of Tabloids, Detectives and Gentlemen: How Depictions of Policing helped Define American Masculinities at the Turn of the 20th Century" for a volume called A History of Police and Masculinities, 1700-2010. He is also editing an ethics textbook, Media Ethics at Work: True Stories of Young Professionals (2012, CQ Press).
  • Marilyn Sarow and Bonnye Stuart are authors of a recent essay titled “Teaching interdisciplinary creativity and innovation in business communication for a global marketplace,” in Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Changing Currents in Education and Public Life (in press, Edward Elgar Publishing).
  • Marilyn Sarow also conceived and executed Winthrop’s new Major/Minor Fair to help improve student retention and heighten awareness about interdisciplinary minors. Publicity for the second annual event in fall 2011 was designed and produced by her MCOM 471 students.