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Department of Mass Communication

Department of Mass Communication

IMC Internships

All IMC majors must complete at least one supervised internship for credit. Students must seek their own internships after consulting with Dr. Marilyn Sarow, who coordinates all IMC internships. Internships require approval by the student, on-site supervisor, faculty adviser, department chair, and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences followed by registration in the course and fee payment for the credit. Deadlines for internship applications are May 1 for Fall Semester, November 1 for Spring Semester, and April 1 for Summer session.

Because internships are expected to provide meaningful professional experience related to one’s major, not all proposed internships will be approved. In addition to gaining approval for internship sites, students must meet the following academic requirement in the major: completion of IMCO 105, MCOM 241, MCOM 370, MCOM 341, MKTG 380, MGMT 321 AND MKTG 481 with a C- or better in each course. 

The Integrated Marketing Communication Internship Package (pdf - 149.67 KB) (includes final report outline) has all the necessary information and forms needed for an internship for credit. Be sure to also print the Check Sheet (pdf - 76 KB) for internships to help you in the process.