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 Constance-Huggins, Monique   Name:  Monique Constance-Huggins 
Title:  Assistant Professor of Social Work 
Ph.D., Social Work, University of Pittsburgh
M.S.W., University of Pittsburgh
MPIA University of Pittsburgh
BCOM Royal Roads, Canada
Office:  134 Bancroft Hall  
Phone:  803/323-2476 
Poverty, racial disparities, social policy, and social capital
Dr. Constance-Huggins is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work. She received her PhD, MSW and MPIA from the University of Pittsburgh. Her research primarily focuses on single women in poverty and the social policies and programs that are in place to address their needs.  

Her research agenda also includes analysis of the role of social capital in the lives of low-income women. Specifically, she is intrigued by the ways in which low-income women find agency in their social network as they respond to inadequate social policies and programs. Her research brings together empirical studies, theory, and social policy.  

She teaches courses in social welfare policy, macro systems, and program evaluation.

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