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 Hayes, Matthew   Name:  Matt Hayes 
Title:  Associate Professor of Psychology 
Ph.D., Experimental Psychology (Cognitive/Applied Cognitive), Texas Tech University
M.A., Psychology, Texas Tech University
B.A., Psychology, Texas Tech University
Office:  120 Kinard Hall  
Phone:  803/323-2628 
Collegiate Teaching, College Students Study Strategies, Motivation, and Self-Regulated Learning, Psychology of Political Ideology, Category Learning, Implicit Learning, Working Memory
Dr. Hayes completed his doctorate in experimental psychology with a focus on cognitive/applied cognitive psychology at Texas Tech University. He is particularly interested in implicit processes, category learning, working memory, and metacognition. These interests currently find expression in research into undergraduate teaching and student learning and into the psychological processes underlying political ideology. He mentors student researchers in these areas and teaches "General Psychology," "Research Methods in Psychology," and "Cognition."
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