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 NoMug-Female   Name:  Jessica Boulware 
Title:  Adjunct Faculty 
M.A., Anthropology, University of South Carolina
M.S., Biology, Winthrop University
B.A., History, Winthrop University
Office:  108 Dalton Hall  
Phone:  803/323-2111 x6151 
Bioarchaeology, Paleopathology, Mississippian Culture, Biodistance, Isotope Studies, Human Osteology, Human Anatomy, Human Evolution
Professor Boulware is enrolled currently in the Ph.D. program in biological anthropology at the University of South Carolina, where she is engaged in research on population movement during the Mississippian period in Tennessee. She is a member of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference and the Paleopathology Association. She has presented research at the annual meetings of the Paleopathology Association.
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