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 NoMug-Female   Name:  Gwen Daley 
Title:  Associate Professor of Geology 
Ph.D., Paleontology, Virginia Tech
M.S., Geology, University of Cincinnati
B.A., Geophysics, University of Chicago
Office:  214 Sims Science Building  
Phone:  803/323-4973 
Paleontology, Paleoecology, Geology
Dr. Daley is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Geology at Winthrop. She received her doctorate in paleontology from Virginia Tech, where she researched the paleoecology of molluscan communities from the Yorktown Formation. She worked as a sabbatical replacement at the University of Arizona, a research fellow at the University of Arizona studying paleoecologic variation in the Fort Thompson and Bermont formations of Florida, and an adjunct professor at Viterbo University before joining Winthrop’s faculty. Daley’s course offerings include "Physical Geology," "Historical Geology," "Earth and Space Systems," and "The History of Life." She also has the Touchstone HMXP 102 course.

Daley’s paleontology research has been published in the refereed journals like Paleobiology and Palaios. She continues to explore ecologic aspects of ancient life with colleagues at Virginia Tech, the University of Connecticut, the Smithsonian, and other institutions. She also has mentored several Winthrop undergraduates in paleontological research.
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