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 Boylan, Timothy   Name:  Timothy Boylan 
Title:  Professor of Political Science; Director, Master of Liberal Arts 
Ph.D., Political Science, Northern Arizona University
Office:  326 Bancroft Hall  
Phone:  803/323-4664 
Constitutional Theory and Law, EU Studies and Law, Food Policy and Politics, American Political Thought, Judicial Process
Dr. Boylan received his Ph.D. with distinction from Northern Arizona University. He joined the political science faculty in 1996 and currently is a professor of political science. His fields of study include constitutional theory and law and comparative constitutional studies. He teaches classes in constitutional law, the judiciary, American government, and constitutional theory.

Since 2003, he has focused his research efforts on the European Union’s efforts to write and ratify a constitutional treaty. During a year-long sabbatical (2004-2005), he conducted research in 22 EU countries and was a visiting Fulbright professor at Tartu University in Estonia. His recent published research has examined the framing, enactment, and ratification process of the Europe’s framework treaty from a comparative perspective. In early 2008, he was granted a study visit to the European Union Parliament, sponsored by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. In 2009, Boylan became the director of Winthrop’s Master of Liberal Arts Program.
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