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 Phillips, Peter   Name:  Peter Phillips 
Title:  Professor Emeritus of Biology 
Ph.D., Zoology, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Office:  112 Dalton Hall  
Phone:  803/323-6183 
Assessment of Pollution in Streams and Rivers from Nutrient Enrichment Due to Mismanagement of Waste water and Fertilizing Runoff, Bioremediation of Polluted Water with Indigenous Microorganism Communities
Dr. Phillips' area of expertise is environmental biology with an emphasis on water resources. He teaches several courses in the Department of Biology, but his major courses are environmental biology and zoology. He also regularly teaches "Tropical Watersheds and Coastal Ecology" with a field trip to Costa Rica, "Scientific Process in Biology," "Principles of Biology Laboratory," and "Integration of Biological Principles."
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