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 Pullano, Frank   Name:  Frank Pullano 
Title:  Associate Professor of Mathematics; Director of the Learning Excellent Academic Practices (LEAP) Program 
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, University of Virginia
M.Ed., Mathematics Education, University of Virginia
B.S., Mathematics, SUNY Fredonia
B.S., Agricultural Economics, Cornell University
Office:  168 Bancroft Hall  
Phone:  803/323-4569 
Mathematics, Mathematics Education
Dr. Pullano joined the Winthrop faculty in 1998 and is an associate professor of mathematics. Pullano is an active member of the Winthrop community, serving on numerous university committees, councils, and task forces at all levels. His primary role in the Department of Mathematics has been to prepare undergraduate mathematics majors to become teachers of mathematics at the secondary level. He has taught a range of mathematics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Pullano's primary research interest is the appropriate integration of technology into the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Pullano also serves as the director of the LEAP Program, Winthrop's provisional admission program. As the director of LEAP, he serves as academic advisor, mentor, and initial person of contact for over 140 first-time freshmen and their parents. More information about the LEAP program is available at
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