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 Lee, Heakyung   Name:  Heakyung Lee 
Title:  Professor Emerita of Mathematics 
Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
M.A., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
B.A., Mathematics (minor in Education), Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
Office:  164 Bancroft Hall  
Phone:  803/323-4603 
Associative Non-Commutative Ring Theory
Dr. Lee is a professor emerita in the Department of Mathematics at Winthrop. She received her doctorate in mathematics from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and joined the Winthrop faculty in 1987. Lee has taught a variety of courses in mathematics including calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, number theory, and field theory. Her research interests focus on associative non-commutative ring theory. Lee has written several papers on ring theory and published in referred journals such as Communications in Algebra.
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