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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Profile

 No-Mug, Male   Name:  Matthew Clark 
Title:  Assistant Professor of Mathematics 
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, North Carolina State University
M.S., Biostatistics, Columbia University
B.A., Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University
Office:  170 Bancroft Hall  
Phone:  803/323-4549 
Proportional Reasoning, Teacher Preparation, Geometry Education
Dr. Clark joined the Winthrop faculty in fall 2010. His primary area of research is middle-school students’ understanding of ratios and fractions and their use in proportional reasoning. Clark has taught geometry, pre-calculus, introductory statistics, regression analysis, college algebra, probability and logic, history of math, methods in teaching secondary mathematics, methods in teaching elementary mathematics, educational psychology, technology in teaching mathematics, problem solving, a variety of math courses for prospective elementary-school teachers, and a course on laws and ethics in the teaching profession. He has supervised 25 student-teachers completing their coursework to become math or science teachers in high schools and middle schools.