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 Stuart, Bonnye   Name:  Bonnye Stuart 
Title:  Instructor of Speech 
B.A., Journalism/Advertising, Louisiana State University
M.A., Drama/Communication, University of New Orleans
Office:  212 Johnson Hall  
Phone:  803/323-4537 
International Communication, Global Mindset shifts, Northern Ireland Trouble Connection to US Civil Rights, Creative Nonfiction, Early Silent Screen stars

Bonnye Stuart is got her B.A. in Advertising from the Manship School of Journalism at Louisiana State University and received her M.A. in Communication from the University of New Orleans. She has been teaching at the university level for twentyyears and at Winthrop for ten. She teaches public relations and international communication in the Department of Mass Communication. Before teaching she worked as a public relations professional.

She has co-authored a communication textbook and delivered papers at international conferences.

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