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College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Profile

 Stoeva-Popova, Pravda   Name:  Pravda Stoeva-Popova 
Title:  Associate Professor of Biology 
Ph.D., Genetics, State Committee of Science and Technical Progress, Supreme Attestation Board, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Genetics, Sofia, Bulgaria
B.S., Agronomy, Academy of Agriculture, Bulgaria
Office:  210 Dalton Hall  
Phone:  803/323-2111 x6432 
Plant Genetics, Plant Biotechnology

Dr. Stoeva-Popova is an assistant professor in Winthrop's Department of Biology. She received her Ph.D. in genetics from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Genetics, in Sofia, Bulgaria, and had completed a post-doctoral fellowship received from SPPS (Service de Programmation de la Politique Scientifique) of Belgian Government at the Station d’Amelioration des Plantes at Gembloux, Belgium. She worked as senior research scientist at Agrobioinstitute in Sofia Bulgaria prior to joining Winthrop.

Stoeva-Popova has taught both introductory and upper-level courses in biology including "Principles of Biology," "General Botany," "Scientific Process in Biology," "Genetics," and "Genetic Engineering." Her research interests are presently focused on studies of cytoplasmic male sterility in tomato and related species and their hybrids. Stoeva-Popova has 61 publications in the area of plant genetics and biotechnology, and her research has been presented at numerous international research meetings.