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Winthrop University now has a university license for the Qualtrics Research Suite. With this license, faculty and students can now create and administer Qualtrics surveys.


Faculty Access

Each Winthrop faculty member can log in to Qualtrics using his or her Winthrop username and password at Please read the Qualtrics account creation instructions for faculty (pdf - 454KB) for step-by-step instructions to create your faculty account.

If a faculty member already has an existing Qualtrics account, they will be prompted migrate the content from that existing account into their new Winthrop-branded Qualtrics account the first time they log in using their Winthrop credentials. It is important for faculty to take advantage of that one opportunity to seamlessly import all existing surveys and results into their new Winthrop branded Qualtrics account. 

Faculty members can contact with questions about their Qualtrics account and requests for student access codes.


Student Access

Instructors can contact to have Qualtrics accounts set up for all of the students in a particular class.

Individual students who need access to Qualtrics should send an email to requesting an account. The email request should come from the student's Winthrop email address.

Students will log in to Qualtrics at


Qualtrics Basics

Qualtrics has created a number of helpful training videos as well, and their Survey Basics video on the Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps page is a great place to start.

In response to some common questions we've received from Winthrop Qualtrics users, we'll continue to add to a list of documents with step-by-step instructions for completing various tasks.

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