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Information Guide for New Faculty


We are very pleased that you have joined the faculty at Winthrop University and in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a comprehensive university, Winthrop prides itself on delivering the highest level of teaching, and we look forward to seeing your success in the classroom.

Of course, as we all know, teaching at a new university comes with certain challenges and headaches, ranging from setting up email and voicemail accounts to locating one’s classroom and office. To assist you with your transition, we’ve put together the CAS Information Guide for New Faculty. Please read through this information and consult it often as questions arise. Feel free to contact me directly as well if you need further help.

Again, welcome to Winthrop.

Beth Costner
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
150 Bancroft Hall / 212 Kinard Hall
803/323-4568 (Bancroft) / 803/323-4186 (Kinard)

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Teaching at Winthrop
    1. Policies
    2. Resources for Teachers
    3. Resources for Students
    4. Technology
  3. Classrooms and Facilities

Getting Started

Campus Map | Class Schedule and Contact Information | Course Syllabi
Parking Permits | Supplies | Telephone and Voicemail | Winthrop ID

Campus Map
Campus maps are available on the Winthrop University website, from campus police, and at a kiosk near the main Oakland Avenue entrance (near Joynes Hall).

Class Schedule and Contact Information
A class schedule form with updated contact information and office hours needs to be completed each semester and submitted to your department Chair. The form is sent via e-mail to faculty each semester and is also available in your department office. Please post your class schedule and office hours on your office door each term.

Course Syllabi
See the College of Arts and Sciences syllabus policy (pdf - 40KB) for elements required on every course syllabus. Also check with your department Chair for additional departmental or program requirements.

Parking Permits
Parking permits may be obtained from Campus Police, located in the Good Building on Myrtle Drive. Online requests for permits may be made through the Campus Police homepage. Just visit, click on Parking Permits, and then click Parking Permit Request on the left menu. The cost to register a vehicle is $25 per vehicle, with a two-vehicle limit per employee. Costs are prorated for faculty who teach only in the summer.

Classrooms with chalkboards should have chalk and erasers. If you are teaching in a classroom with whiteboards, please be sure to take the correct marker with you to the classroom. Basic office supplies should be available from your department administrative assistant.

Telephone and Voicemail
On-campus numbers may be reached by dialing the last four digits of the recipient's telephone number. Call off-campus local numbers or toll-free numbers by first dialing "9" for an outside line. To make long distance calls, a long distance code is necessary. (Ask your department Chair for the code; he or she will determine if your long distance call is approved as business related.) From off-campus, dial the complete number directly, or dial 323-2600 and then enter the four-digit extension number. Voicemail box setup instructions are available from the department administrative assistant.

To access your voice mail, dial 323-2600 and follow the prompts.

Winthrop ID
To obtain a Winthrop ID, visit Computing and Information Technology, located in 15 Tillman. An ID is necessary to enter Dacus Library, some campus classrooms, and some athletic events.

Teaching at Winthrop


Annual Report | Attendance Documentation | Course Evaluations | Course Syllabi
Final Grades Submission | Final Exams | Mid-Semester Reporting
Research With Human Subjects | Research With Animals | Sick Days
Student Code of Conduct | Weather and Emergency Information | University Policies

Annual Report
The Annual Report forms for full-time and part-time faculty are available on the College website at under the "Faculty Resources" link. This report should be submitted to your department Chair, who will discuss its content, your goals, and your evaluation before the report is sent to the Dean’s office for review.

Attendance Documentation
Faculty are required to keep accurate and consistent attendance records throughout the semester. This serves many purposes, but there are three most important reasons to keep an accurate attendance log:

  1. Federal Reporting Attendance Verification: Early in the semester, after the drop/add period, faculty will receive an email requesting verification that students have attended their class. This helps Winthrop comply with the federal requirement by verifying that students who receive federal aid are actually attending the classes in which they are enrolled.
  2. Return of Title 4 Aid: At semester’s end, faculty are required to document in Wingspan the final date of attendance for all students who receive a final non-passing grade of "N," "U," "IU," "F," or "IF." Title 4 Aid requires Winthrop verify if students received these non-passing grades because they stopped attending class, or if they attended class and legitimately earned their final grades. This will determine the amount of aid Winthrop (and students by extension) will return to the federal government.
  3. Winthrop’s Attendance Policy: Winthrop’s policy states that students who miss over 25% of their classes receive an automatic "F" for the semester.

Course Evaluations
Student evaluations of courses and instructors are required for each course section and should be administered prior to the last week of a course. Evaluation forms vary from department to department. If at all possible, you should not administer your own course evaluations. If you must administer your own evaluations, then you may not remain in the room while students complete the evaluation, and you must have someone else collect the evaluations, place them in an envelope, and deliver them to the department’s Chair or administrative assistant. Faculty may not view course evaluations until final grades for the course have been submitted and the department Chair (or his/her designee) has reviewed the evaluations.

Final Exams
Final examinations or a final examination experience (oral presentations, group reports, etc.) are required for all courses. Exams must be administered during the period assigned for the course. The final exam schedule can be found on the University’s webpage under Academic Calendars. The day prior to the beginning of exams is called Study Day and may be used for voluntary study sessions. Final exams should not be administered on this day.

Final Grades Submission
Final grades are submitted via Wingspan. More information about Wingspan is provided below.

Mid-Semester Reporting
ALL faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences are asked to submit midterm grades via Wingspan for ALL students. Interim grades are required for all students and must be submitted as outlined in the Interim Grading Instructions.

In addition to these student cohorts, ALL students will receive midterm grades in the following courses: MATH 150, 151, 105, 201; BIOL 150, 151; HIST 111, 112, 113, 211, 212; and WRIT 101.

Sick Days
The official guidelines for accruing sick leave may be found on the "Sick Leave Policy" link on Human Resource's Employee Policies and Procedures page. Be sure to discuss the specific departmental policy for notifying students that you will be missing a class meeting or appointment with your department Chair.

Student Code of Conduct
If you need help dealing with a case of cheating or plagiarism, contact your department Chair first and then the office of the Dean of Students (323-4503). The Academic Misconduct Policy is stated in the student handbook and is available online at (pdf - 1.49 MB).

Policies Regarding Research with Human Subjects
Winthrop University personnel (faculty, staff, students, and others using Winthrop University resources) who conduct research involving human subjects must be reviewed by Winthrop’s Institutional Review Board. Information regarding IRB policies and procedures may be found on the Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR) page.

Winthrop University policy requires that all individuals who will have direct contact with subjects, subject data, or subject records undergo training and certification in human subjects’ protection. Initial education and certification will be completed through the CITI Training web-based course. It is the responsibility of the Researcher of Record to make sure that all study personnel involved with the research have received the required training/education.

Policies Regarding Research with Animals
Information on guidelines and policies for research are available on the Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR) page.

Weather and Emergency Information
Sign up for WU-Alert. Check your university e-mail or the University website,, for the most up-to-date information related to class and office schedules. If you do not have access to e-mail, the Web, or other sources of weather related cancelation information, call the campus alert line, 803/323-2222. For other emergency issues, check

University Policies
Official policies about assigning grades, dropping or withdrawing from a course, attendance, course prerequisites, etc. are in the online undergraduate and graduate catalogues.

Resources for Teachers

Course Reserves | Dacus Library | Materials and Training (TLC) | Scantron Grading | Turnitin

Course Reserves
Guidelines and forms for placing course readings on reserve at Dacus Library are located on the library's Course Reserve Guidelines page. If you have questions, call the Circulation Department (803/323-4502).

Dacus Library
The Ida Jane Dacus Library, named for the first professional trained librarian in the state of South Carolina and Head Librarian at Winthrop College for 45 years, was completed in 1969 at a cost of $2.5 million.  With over 434,000 volumes, Dacus Library ranks as the fifth largest academic library in the state. Adjunct faculty members have full access to all resources in the library.  They may check-out books and videos for the entire semester or academic year, request a library instruction session for their classes, or set-up course reserves for their classes. Faculty members may also submit requests to Interlibrary Loan and PASCAL Delivers for materials not available in Dacus Library, check-out an iPAD or a popular DVD, and request a private study carrel to work on a research project. For more information, please visit the library website at or call 323-2211.

Materials and Training
Check with your department Chair for materials related to the courses you are teaching. In addition, workshops are often available through the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). TLC information is available at

Resources for Students

Academic Success Center | Computer Labs | Dacus Library | Mathematics Tutorial Center
Office of Disability Services | Office of Student Services | Student Counseling Services
Testing Services | Writing Center

Academic Success Center
The Academic Success Center (ASC) is located in 106 Dinkins Hall and is available to all students. This center focuses on helping students achieve their highest level of academic performance in all courses. Please visit their website at

Mathematics Tutorial Center
The Mathematics Tutorial Center (MTC) is located in Bancroft 165 and is staffed by Mathematics Department faculty and students. The MTC is open to students enrolled in all mathematics courses but is primarily designed to support students enrolled in MATH 101, MATH 104, MATH 105, MATH 150, MATH 151, MATH 201, MATH 291. Students needing assistance in courses not in this list should use their instructors as their primary support mechanism. No appointment is needed. Please visit for more information and to view the MTC’s hours as well as dates, times, and locations for large group test review sessions for MATH 105, MATH 150, MATH 151, MATH 201 and MATH 202.

Office of Disability Services
Winthrop University’s Office of Disability Services, located on the first floor of the Crawford Building, 110A, ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to education. Students who have a documented and verified physical or learning disability are eligible for special accommodations in university classrooms. Accommodations may include additional time on assignments, individualized test-taking spaces, and note-taking helpers, interpreters, or devices.

For more information, call 803/323-3290 or visit the Office of Disability Services website. This website has a particularly helpful page for faculty that answers specific questions related to student accommodations and required procedures for accommodation.

CAS - Office of Student Services
"The Office of Student Services provides academic support to students, faculty, and staff in an effort to ensure academic success for students in the College. We are available to answer questions related to academic programs, including but not limited to academic policies, degree requirements, and transfer of credit."

Please visit for more information regarding the Office of Student Services.

Student Counseling Services at Winthrop
Free counseling services are available for Winthrop University students. Please direct any troubled students in your classes to make use of its services. Potential services are described as follows: "Concerns with adjustment to college life, stress, self-acceptance, relationships, depression, anxiety, and family are a part of life. At Counseling Services, students can discuss their concerns with a counselor in order to find an appropriate resolution. In addition, students may have concerns relating to their own or someone else's alcohol or drug use, eating disorder, childhood abuse, or sexual assault. Our staff can consult, assess, intervene, and support recovery from these issues and many other concerns."

Located on the second floor of the Crawford Building, Counseling Services is open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Thursday, and 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Friday, unless the University is closed. Appointments may be made in person (217 Crawford Building) or by phone (803/323-2206) during hours of operation.

After hours and on weekends, students in need of immediate assistance should contact their RA or RD, Campus Police (803/323-3333), or go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. It should be noted that faculty are always welcome to consult with a counselor in Counseling Services prior to meeting with a student. Health and Counseling Services has a very useful webpage with information on identifying and speaking to distressed students. Other general information on Student Health and Counseling services can be found on their website.

Testing Services
"The mission of Testing Services and the Test Center is to provide secure, confidential test administration for Winthrop University students and others in order to promote success, enhance learning, and help test takers meet both professional and personal educational goals."

Services offered by the Center include 1) Testing and accommodations for students with disabilities; 2) Proctoring distance learning exams (for a fee); and 3) other testing needs on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please visit Testing Services.

Writing Center
The Writing Center, located in 242 Bancroft Hall, provides free writing consulting services to students and faculty. The Writing Center is open five days a week and some evening and weekend hours. Visitors may call ext. 2138 for an appointment. Please visit for more information.


Blackboard | Classroom Technology | Computer Labs | Class List Server | Email Account
Faculty Web Pages | Scantron Grading | Turnitin | Wingspan

Information regarding Blackboard (including instruction manuals) may be found at

Classroom Technology
Access to technology varies across campus. There are 40+ "smart classrooms," as well as many other rooms that are equipped with overhead projectors, televisions, VCRs, and DVD players. Some buildings and departments keep portable items under lock and key to prevent theft. Check with your department's administrative assistant on how to obtain the equipment you need.

Computer Labs
Students have access to several computer labs. For information on lab locations, check the Academic Computing information on the Computing and Information Technology webpage.  

Class List Server
At the beginning of each semester, you will be provided with a list server for each of your courses. These list servers will include the campus email addresses (not the home email addresses) of all students enrolled in your courses at the beginning of the semester. If you have students who enroll in your course late, they must enroll themselves on the class listserv by following the instructions listed on the Class List Server page of the Winthrop Computer and Information Technology website.

E-mail Account
To obtain an email account, go to 15 Tillman and fill out the appropriate forms. Unless otherwise informed, your address will be <>. For example, Jack DeRochi's email address is

Faculty Web Pages Faculty members may receive a dedicated URL to create their own instructional web pages. Some faculty use this medium to post syllabi, handouts, copies of study guides, etc. URLs are obtained from Computing and Information Technology in 15 Tillman, 323-2400.

Scantron Grading If you use multiple-choice tests or quizzes, Winthrop offers computerized grading. Scantron answer sheets may be ordered in 15 Tillman. They are preprinted with students’ names and ID numbers, and consequently should be ordered a week or so before they are needed.

To get your test or quiz graded, take the Scantron sheets to 15 Tillman. Grade results with diagnostic statistics are usually completed within 24 hours.

Turnitin software helps detect plagiarism in student papers. It is available to you and your students at Once you have obtained your Winthrop ID, you will be able to establish an instructor's account on Check with Dacus Library (ext. 2131) for instructional assistance.

Faculty use Wingspan to view official class schedule and roster information, email the students in a class, and submit final grades.  

You can access Wingspan easily by 1) going to, 2) clicking on the "Faculty & Staff" menu (on the gold tab running along the top of the page), and then 3) clicking on the maroon "Wingspan" icon at the bottom left side of the page.

To access Wingspan, you must use an active faculty email username and password.

Once you are able to log in, take a moment to familiarize yourself with this site. The "Home" page shares campus news and events and includes quick links to academic calendars (listing university holidays and exam schedules). The "Faculty" page provides links to the Faculty/Staff IT Handbook and the application for parking permits as well as links to other useful information. Here, you can put money in a "Café Cash" account so that you can use your faculty ID to buy food in the cafeteria and the DiGiorgio Center. On the "Faculty" page, you can also access the "Faculty & Advisor Menu" (in the "Faculty/Staff Wingspan" group in the center of the page). Here you can obtain class rosters and submit final grades. You can also access and change information related to the payroll and human resource departments here.

Classrooms and Facilities

Dacus Library | Meeting Rooms | Post Office | Repairs

Meeting Rooms
If you want to schedule a review session before finals or if you need a meeting room for a special event, most rooms may be booked through the Master Calendar. Review the process for booking space at and click the "Academic Space and Scheduling" link. Follow the instructions on this page, as different spaces require different booking methods. You can also check on the availability of some spaces at

Post Office
The University Post Office is located on the first floor of the DiGiorgio Campus Center. Please visit for hours and other helpful information

If something in your office or a classroom needs repair, contact your department's administrative specialist to request a work order.

Winthrop Home Page