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Department of Biology

General Degree Information

Degree Programs

The biology major is frequently chosen by students with career interests related to medicine, environmental science, biological research and teaching, and secondary education in the sciences. Qualified Winthrop students in biology are accepted for postgraduate study in many fields, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, physiology, microbiology, ecology, environmental science, botany, zoology, and medical technology.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Students may choose General Biology, a concentration in either Biomedical Research, Medical Technology, or obtain Teacher Certification in Secondary Education.

Degree Checklists

Teacher Education/Secondary Certification in Biology

Biology majors can complete a secondary education minor to become a certified high school biology teacher. 

Learn more about our Teacher Education/Secondary Certification program.

Master of Science in Biology

Whether you are a new graduate continuing your education in a specialized field of study or seasoned professional wishing to capitalize on your years of service in the field, Winthrop University provides an outstanding opportunity for graduate studies in biology. The biology department offers a Master of Science degree with both thesis and non-thesis options. Coursework for either option can be completed within two years by attending evening classes.

Visit the Master of Science in Biology website.

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