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Department of Biology

Department of Biology

The Department of Biology at Winthrop University features a challenging but rewarding curriculum taught by an experienced, enthusiastic faculty. Focusing on the student's ability to conduct research, the biology major allows students to tailor a program to their interest, whether they be zoological, molecular, environmental, teacher certification, or other interests. Small classes (averaging 20-24 students in labs) ensure that students have the opportunity to take advantage of interaction with their instructors.

Fall 2016 Biology 491-492 Seminar Schedule Updated 10/3/2016 (255 KB)

Fall 2016 B2B Seminar Schedule (207 KB)

Speakers are invited to present their research interests to the biology department.  These seminars are usually held on Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 4:45pm in SIMS 215 and are open to the public.

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