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DiGiorgio Campus Center
DiGiorgio Campus Center
269 DiGiorgio Center
Rock Hill, SC 29733, USA
803/323-2396 (Fax)
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About the Campus Center

Winthrop's $29.4 million DiGiorgio Campus Center will pave the way for decades of student body growth for Winthrop, much as the predecessor Dinkins Center did by housing similar functions for 43 years, until its capacities were outgrown. Facilities by floor include:

Ground Floor Features

First Floor Features

Second Floor Features

Meeting rooms, 4 (seat up to 38 each)
Seminar rooms, 3 (seat 12 each)
Student organizations area featuring: mailboxes, 10 computer work stations, 48 mobile storage units,
copier, and 12 seat conference room

Third Floor Features

  • Evans & Gold meeting and reception rooms
  • Support and office space              


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