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Winthrop University

Frequently Asked Questions

What support services (including tutoring) does Winthrop offer?

Winthrop has a unique freshmen course, Academy 101 Principles of the Learning Academy, to help students make the transition to college life. This class includes the Common Book Project as well as discussions on living away from home, study skills, and making decisions. It addresses both the academic and non-academic adjustments freshman student experience.

For handling academic assignments, Ida Jane Dacus Library has every resource a student needs. It is the sixth largest academic library in the state, housing more than 2,000,000 items including books, periodicals, microfilm, microfiche, and government documents. The Dacus Online Catalog (DOC) provides online access to these collections as well as other Internet sources. Additionally, the library instructs students on how to use conventional and non-conventional resources in its state of the art technology room, one of the best in the Southeast. Students can even access Dacus's databases from their rooms or off campus, enabling them to do access Dacus's databases from their rooms or off campus, enabling them to do research whenever and wherever they need.

For students desiring one-on-one tutoring, Winthrop offers the Writing Center and Math Lab. The Writing Center gives students a place to bring papers to work with a trained tutor to develop their writing skills. The Math Lab is staffed with faculty and students who can help students tackle concepts or problems with which they are struggling. Tutoring in other subjects is often offered by Winthrop students and can be arranged through individual departments.

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