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Non-Degree Seeking Students

All students who wish to take undergraduate courses but are not planning to earn a Winthrop degree are classified as non-degree or special students. These students must apply for admission and submit the appropriate credentials. Note: Students admitted under the undergraduate non-degree classification may not change their status to degree-seeking without submitting an application and satisfying regular admissions requirements.

Students admitted to any of the following non-degree categories may only enroll in those courses for which they have received approval. The categories of undergraduate special students are:

Healthcare Management Certificate Program
The Healthcare Management Certificate Program is a 15 semester hour training program.  (An optional internship course will provide 18 total semester hours of course instruction.)  The program is designed to prepare individuals in the healthcare field to become more effective managers and supervisors.  Students will increase their overall understanding of management issues and concepts so they can make well-informed decisions.  The comprehensive program allows students to receive management training while maintaining full-time work schedules.  Admitted students must have earned an associate's or bachelor's degree.

 Application Form for Healthcare Management Certificate Program (pdf - 120 KB)

Pre-College Credit 
Students who are currently enrolled in high school and wish to take courses at Winthrop (also referred to as "dual enrollment".) Applicants must be a high school junior or senior, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and obtain written permission from an appropriate high school official.

College students who wish to take courses at Winthrop and transfer the credit back to their home institution. Applicants must be eligible to return to the home institution and must obtain written permission to take the course at Winthrop. Applicants can submit Winthrop's permission form or a copy of the home institution's permission form.

Undergraduate Non-Degree 
Students who wish to take course work at Winthrop without pursuing a degree. Some restrictions apply. Please refer to the instruction sheet that is included with the application for complete information.

Application Instructions:

  1. Persons who wish to enroll as non-degree seeking students must submit the appropriate application and other required forms. 

  2. All students who wish to qualify for instate tuition must also complete the residency application that is enclosed with the application.

  3. All students must present immunization documentation before registering for classes.  (The medical form will be enclosed with the letter of admission.)

Application Forms for Non-Degree Students

Application Forms for Non-Degree Students

The application for admission can be submitted online at

The following supplemental forms are being made available to you as .PDF files. To access a form as a .PDF file, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software which is available free of charge. (Install Acrobat Reader software.) Once you have installed the Acrobat Reader software, simply click on a form title below to open it in .PDF format.

 Adobe Reader Download Adobe Reader