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Faculty Awards

Distinguished Professor

The Highest Honor the Winthrop Community Can Bestow upon a Faculty Member Is the Title Distinguished Professor of the Year. The Selection Indicates Exceptional Skill in Teaching, Significant Research or Creative Effort, High Standing among Professional Colleagues, and General Service to the University. This honor is accompanied by a cash award from the Winthrop Foundation.

1961 Harold B. Gilbreth
1962 Hampton M. Jarrell
1963 Nolan P. Jacobson
1964 Alice Louisa Love
1965 Mary Elizabeth Massey
1966 Dorothy Gardner Jones
1967 John Shepard Eells Jr.
1968 Rondeau G. Laffitte Jr.
1969 Robert P. Lane
1970 William G. Murdy
1971 Helen A. Loftis
1972 Mary T Littlejohn
1973 John A. Freeman
1974 Lawrence D. Joiner
1975 Roy T. Will
1976 Patricia R. McClendon
1977 Ross A. Webb
1978 Earnest R. Archer
1979 Edmund D. Lewandowski
1981 Michael L. Kennedy
1983 James A. Casada
1984 Anthony Lerro
1985 Dorothy M. Medlin
1986 James F. Crook
1987 Robert S. Kline
1988 Rosemary E. Althouse
1989 Joseph Prus
1990 Keith Bildstein
1991 Jason H. Silverman
1992 Gerald Perselay
1993 Elda Franklin
1994 Earl J. Wilcox
1996 Jack W. Weaver
1997 Gordon N. Ross
1998 Alfred Ward
1999 Darrell Parker
2000 Donald Friedman
2001 Gary Stone
2002 William Rogers
2003 Betty Lou Land
2004 Michael Williams
2005 Melford Wilson
2006 Angela Letourneau
2007 Jane Smith
2008 Lorraine Gorrell
2009 Stephen Smith
2010 Doug Eckberg
2011 Karen Kedrowski
2012 Susan Green
2013 Marilyn Smith
2014 Laura Dufresne
2015 Josephine Koster
2016 Scott Huffmon

Outstanding Junior Professor

This award recognizes excellence among assistant professors. Selection indicates a reputation for inspired teaching, research or creative excellence, and dedication to the welfare of students. This honor is accompanied by a cash award from the Winthrop Foundation.

1981 Keith L. Bildstein
1982 Kent E. Foster
1983 William F. Naufftus
1984 Benjamin M. Hawkins
1985 Jason H. Silverman
1986 Susan J. Smith
1987 Larry L. Hatcher
1988 Sherrie L. W. Rhine
1989 Elnora Stuart
1990 Phil Moody
1991 Margaret Johnson
1992 Martin A. Knoll
1993 Lynn Willoughby
1994 Julian Smith III
1995 Jonathan I. Marx and Jeannie Woods
1996 Susan J. Marx
1997 Thomas W. Polaski
1998 Janice B. Chism
1999 Karen Kedrowski
2000 Alice Burmeister
2001 Sandra Wilson
2002 Keith Benson
2003 Kelly Hewett
2004 Scott Huffmon
2005 Ronald Parks
2006 Barbara Blackburn
2007 Jennifer Disney
2008 Gerry Derksen
2009 Adolphus Belk Jr.
2010 Courtney Starrett
2011 Laura Ullrich
2012 Mark Lewis
2013 Joe Rusinko
2014 Nick Grossoehme
2015 Marguerite Doman
2016 Kristen Abernathy

James Pinckney Kinard and Lee Wicker Kinard Award for Excellence in Teaching

The James Pinckney Kinard and Lee Wicker Kinard Award for Excellence in Teaching, established in honor of former president James Pinckney Kinard and his wife, Lee Wicker Kinard, in 1984 by their family, is based on dedication to teaching, reputation on campus for teaching, and reputation among students. This honor is accompanied by a cash award from the Winthrop Foundation.

1984 Roger R. Baumgarte
1985 Houston A. Craighead Jr.
1986 Edward P. Guettler
1987 Jerry Lee Helton
1988 Susan L. Roberts
1989 William Murdy
1990 David Rankin
1991 Betty Lou Land
1992 Gary L. Stone
1993 Rondeau G. Laffitte
1994 Phil Thompson
1995 William Naufftus
1996 Phil J. Moody
1997 Ralph Gustafson
1998 Charles Alvis
1999 Marsha Bollinger
2000 Robert Breakfield
2001 Jonathan I. Marx
2002 Gloria Jones
2003 Michael Kennedy
2004 Janice Chism
2005 John Bird
2006 Shaun Cassidy
2007 Michael Lipscomb
2008 Jane Thomas
2009 Cara Peters
2010 Janet Gray
2011 Merry Sleigh
2012 Irene Boland
2013 Aaron Hartel
2014 Laura Ullrich
2015 Adolphus Belk

Thompson Scholar

The Robert and Norma Thompson Endowment was established during the university’s first capital campaign.  The fund provides for reassigned time for two classes per year for a faculty member "to work on projects that strengthen the academic, intellectual, and co-curricular life of the university."

2006-2007 Phil Moody
2007-2008 Pedro Muñoz
2008-2009 Carol Marchel
2009-2010 John Bird
2010-2011 David Bradbard and Bobbie Fuller
2011-2012 Padmini Patwardhan
2012-2013 J. David Stokes
2013-2014 Trent Kull
2014-2015 Tomoko Deguchi
2015-2016 Shawnna Helf

Jane LaRoche Graduate Faculty Award

This award, established in 2008, recognizes outstanding teaching at the graduate level and significant contributions to graduate education at Winthrop.  This honor is accompanied by a cash award from the Winthrop Foundation.

2008 Janice Chism
2009 Brad Witzel
2010 Cara Peters
2011 Shaun Cassidy
2012 Josephine Koster
2013 Jane Thomas
2014 Sue Lyman
2015 Jennifer Jordan
2016 Melissa Carsten

Faculty/Student Life Award

Presented by the Division of Student Life at the Faculty, Staff, and Retirees Awards Ceremony in the spring in recognition of a faculty member that has significantly contributed to the quality of Student Life and the Winthrop University community of learners.

1990 Edward P. Guettler
1991 James W. Johnston
1992 Roger R. Baumgarte
1993 W. Martin Hope
1994 Sonja Francis
1995 Joyce Veale
1996 Joseph Prus
1997 Gary Stone
1998 Jennifer Solomon
1999 Gloria Jones
2000 Alice R. Burmeister
2001 Jeff Sinn
2002 Antigo Martin-Delaney
2004 Shelley Hamill
2005 Kathy Lyon
2006 Kelly James
2007 Danella Kasparek
2008 Jennifer Disney
2009 Tim Daugherty
2010 Annie-Laurie Wheat
2011 Marilyn Sarow
2012 David Vawter
2013 Kristi Schoepfer
2014 Geoffrey Morrow
2015 Bradley Tripp
2016 Edward Lee

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